Inventory Display Update

Thank you for being a part of the Audi Virtual Counter. We’re always improving the functionality of our e-commerce sites in order to provide you with a platform that maximizes your online sales. With this in mind, we wanted to let you know about our newest update, which will be effective from August 3.

We have updated how inventory is displayed when a potential customer is viewing an item in your store. Inventory data is received and uploaded daily on a retailer’s behalf, and will now be reflected by either displaying “limited stock” when inventory for an item is at 0-2, or “in-stock” when inventory for an item is 3+, an example of which is displayed below. This enhancement will increase the customer’s knowledge and confidence to proceed with making the purchase. To note, if you have 0 in stock currently, we are using the term "limited stock" so as not to discourage a customer from purchasing.

Display for an item whose inventory number is between 0 and 2
Display for an item whose inventory number is 3 or more

If you have further questions about this update, please contact the SimplePart Support team at (888) 843-0425 or